Behind every d&g patisserie creation is the labour of a team of about 15 professionals. We work strictly following the cold chain, in order to be able to guarantee an impeccable-tasting product, with no deterioration in quality. The work of our staff is naturally facilitated by important, technically-advanced equipment, a major aid which however requires the trained ability of our staff.

Pastisserie Area

This is the most important part of the workshop, where our staff set up a real artisan chain of creation of our products, coordinating each activity properly for perfect timing between the bases and finished product. Every phase is hand-crafted. This requires the utmost coordination between staff members so that there are never any delays in production.


Our kingdom of chocolate, a controlled temperature environment where we create our products – from classic chocolates to those with inventive, unusual centres, and even artistic chocolate creations for special occasions or decorations on our cakes.
Chocolate is different to handle and work with. It requires great ability and professionalism, two skills our staff guarantee every day.

Juice & Jams

All of the fresh fruit we use for juices and jams are processed immediately before use, to ensure we get the most fragrance and quality in our finished product.
For the juices we have furthermore selected a special cold processing technique which preserves not only colour but also all of the properties of the fresh fruit we use.
We have enormous respect for the ingredients we use. That’s why we have set out a special dedicated area for fruit processing, so we can have an absolutely uncontaminated product.