Suite is another of the projects we’re involved in, which aims to develop a sustainable food business increasingly oriented towards quality and research into integrating new technological features into tradition.

Suite is a unique food business offering services ranging from sourcing ingredients to design and distribution in the market.

To achieve this goal Suite boasts a team of food professionals and experts who are specialised in every step of the distribution chain – research and innovation, advanced marketing, market analysis, food-scouting, digital and retail strategies, team building and events organisation, training courses and on/offline sales flow management and analysis.

Our role in Suite is handling technical consulting, analysis of new products and suppliers, food cost, industrialisation and production. We personally oversee the following Suite creations:



An innovative take on Italian expertise. Baking in mason jars allows our expert chefs and pastry chefs to capture gourmet recipes in elegant glass jars. Bonverre products combine flavour, technical skill and practicality.



The hallmark belongs to master pastry chef Denis Dianin whose sweet creations combine a sharp eye for design and glamour with experience and skill. d&g products are fine patisserie products, designed to please and amaze all five senses.