Nella ricerca di un nome per la nostra realtà volevamo suscitare curiosità e comunicare la coerenza con la nostra filosofia. Abbiamo individuato due parole chiave che esprimono al meglio tutto il nostro mondo e, al tempo stesso, stupiscono chi per la prima volta entra in contatto con noi.


Our “d” stands for “Design” “Design” is all of the planning that goes on inside of our workshop. With “Design” we teach our customers to appreciate the months of research and development that go into our every single creation. Only when we have achieved a product which looks and taste perfect do we put it out on show.


The “g” in our name stands for “Glamour“. “Glamour” is the way we dress our product, which must be able to capture your attention. Food is indeed an instrument of attraction and seduction. Upon leaving our workshop, every one of our creations expresses itself even with its form. This is why we take such great care over how our products look.


Starting with two concepts like Design and Glamour which are fundamental for us, our philosophy has evolved over the years, to the point of making us create a new theory for our project.

We therefore created a new communication concept, choosing to give greater importance to the “&” symbol, much more than the ampersand symbol used in business names.


Our & signifies Transformation, change and metamorphosis.


Our & signifies Fusion, cohesion, harmony of two worlds: sweet and savoury.


Our & signifies Evolution, adaptation, perfection and growth.