Breakfast-time is fundamentally important. It’s the first meal of the day and we want it to start in the best way possible for d&g customers.
Our croissants are designed to please the palate of every client from the classic product to our 100% wholewheat croissant. By sticking to a strict choice of select quality ingredients, we work hard to achieve the exploding volume guaranteed by natural leavening, thus creating a product which combines lightness and flavour.

We wanted to pair our creations with an equally high quality espresso coffee, so we chose Club Kavè, a quality blend reserved only for select bars and restaurants.

Aperitif time

Historically the genuine aperitif began in patisseries, then over time this quality tradition slowly evaporated. The aim of d&g patisserie is to restore it as a key moment in the day, offering an excellent choice of wines and quality choice of accompanying foods. Our commitment to this was recognised by the Gambero Rosso 2014 guide who rewarded us with the accolade of Best Aperitif of the Year.
Our Italian-style aperitifs are made with a plentiful selection of major Italian and international wines, with a strong focus on sparkling wines and champagne.

Special occasions

Celebrations and special occasions are a time of great creativity and excitement at d&g patisserie, which we express every time in both how the product tastes and looks.
At Christmas, for example, we sell countless variations on the theme of Panettone, from the classic version to the award-winning apricot and tonka bean version, different inside but sharing the classic form on the outside, as tradition dictates.
At Easter, vice versa, we play around with the visual aspect of classic chocolate eggs, every year creating something unexpected and fascinating, that will catch the eye of our littlest guests right away.
We create unusual heart-shaped designs for Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day and Women’s Day, occasions that we’ll never stop wanting to celebrate with you.