Like every craftsman, Denis Dianin spends most of his time in his workshop with the aim of improving quality as it is today, meaning the quality of his product and production practices, but also customer service and hospitality, and creating future d&g patisserie products.


Denis Dianin’s profile and activity have led to numerous businesses asking for his contribution in order to make improvements. Studying mechanical engineering and robotics, and many years’ experience managing a manufacturing business mean Denis is able to not only guide product creation and development, but also understand the weaknesses of a workshop, and correct and improve its activity and workflow.

With these prerequisites Denis has applied his knowledge to important businesses in the industry, helping improve their efficiency.

Research & development

Together with Molino Dallagiovanna, Denis Dianin has conducted an important research and development project on proven quality professional flours. Along with his role as a professional tester of the results of the new flours, Denis also played an active role in their creation and selection, bolstered by his excellent knowledge of the ingredient.
The result of this research is Uniqua, a series of specialist flours previewed at Sigep 2015 in the presences of master chefs Dianin and Zoia.


Denis’ great professionalism has been recognised and appreciated, so much so that some of the most important industry events have wanted him in their programme. Denis Dianin is nowadays a permanent fixture of Sigep and Host, the main events on the Italian scene, and also took part in Sirha 2015 in Lyons, where he also followed the Italian team in winning the Coupe du Monde de la Patisserie. In September 2015 he debuted in the first Sweety of Milano, the prestigious fine patisserie convention.