Boutique & Atelier


The d&g patisserie is perfectly composed of two equally important spaces. The first space is the boutique, or shop, where every product is enhanced by the visual appeal of not only the setting, but also the packaging and other products surrounding it. Here we showcase our ideas, presenting to customers the best that we can offer throughout the day, from breakfast to lunch, from a patisserie treat to Italian-style aperitifs. It is not only the visual appeal of the product which is essential, but also the role of the waiting staff, whose job is not only serving, but also understanding the requirements of every guest who enters the boutique and properly presenting the creations delivered from the workshop.


The second space is the atelier, the workshop, the place where the collections and creations come to life, but also where the product is “tailored”, just like an haute couture dress. Here the keywords are creativity and rigour, in constant equilibrium. Creativity is naturally indispensable for conceiving and “designing” new sensations in the form of cakes, mini pastries, leavened bakery products or other patisserie products. But rigour is also needed in workshop organisation, in respecting crafting times and in the adaptation of these times to the requirements of the shop and businesses who choose to receive our products every day.