Denis Dianin grew up in Montegrotto Terme, in Padua province. He’s always had contact with the food service industry since he was a young boy. His grandfather was a chef and often took him to his friend’s ice cream parlour where he spent a lot of time observing, an essential opportunity for learning about the trade and how people worked.


His disappointing experience of hotel and catering school, which just didn’t stimulate him enough, led him to study industrial automation and robotics. He worked in this sector for several years (still however doing jobs in the food industry) even with some important achievements, like creating a production line for a well-known car manufacturer. Then his love for the food industry won through, and he abandoned his career in industry to focus on food.


In the food sector he straightaway opened up a takeaway pizza place with a few corner displays dedicated to patisserie, wine, ice cream in summer and chocolate in the winter months. It was 1999. Over the coming years Denis decided that the career path to follow was patisserie. It was long road to achieving his goal, but after years of studying ingredients at the mills in his local area, the right moment arrived to open the d&g patisserie.


In 2006 the d&g adventure forged ahead, adding savouries to its range in 2008 and breaking onto the international scene in 2015 with the opening of a sales outlet in Kuala Lumpur, capital of Malaysia.