In 2014 Denis Dianin entered the prestigious Italian Academy of Master Pastry Chefs. It was a dream he had been chasing for a long time but savouring patiently while seeking to make the most of his wait, without rushing into things.

Now presided over by the great Master Chefs Iginio Massari and Gino Fabbri, AMPI opened its doors to Denis Dianin after he passed its entrance exam with flying colours, presenting his philosophy of patisserie without filtering and adaptations.

Besides some expertly executed creative examples, Denis also presented his own dessert: Aztec. A cinnamon streusel base covered in pistachio bavarois and a chocolate and olive oil sponge. Then a cherry gelée and milk chocolate and yogurt mousse. Rounded off with a caramel and red berry glaze.

An entrance exam which truly showed off the meaning of Design&Glamour and the Denis Dianin philosophy: lengthy design, extremely accurate visual appeal and presentation down to the tiniest detail and particular attention to the experience delivered to the five senses by each creation.