About Us

Our Beginnings

Our d&g patisserie opened in 2006. In the beginning there was no ambition to become what we are today. We trusted in our skills and desire to transform our philosophy and vision of patisserie into a taste experience.
Through their recognition of our product quality, our clients encouraged us to improve and grow by creating a range of even more refined quality and originality.


Once we achieved the standard of sweet patisserie that we were aiming for, it was natural for us to match that with a high quality savoury product. A somewhat unusual, certainly uncommon choice yet one which fulfilled our need to welcome and spoil the customer throughout the day, indulging their desires.
It was for this reason that since 2008 we have been developing our take on savoury food, always remaining faithful to our philosophy. Since then d&g patisserie has nurtured two complementary core ranges.


The passion and skill of Denis Dianin led to him receiving the ultimate professional satisfaction in March 2014: entering the prestigious Italian Academy of Master Pastry Chefs (AMPI). It was a success that came after years of careful research and experimenting in the world of fine patisserie, of constant improvement and always setting new goals to achieve.


The desire to also market our creations abroad finally became reality in 2015. On the wave of our success and achievements in Italy, we launched an ambitious project in Malaysia with the opening of our first patisserie in Kuala Lumpur. In this prestigious location inside Palazzo Viva we market a format created and developed to present both facets of our d&g patisserie: sweet & savoury.